ELTECH provides an entire range of works related to the creation of high-tech companies and scientific centers. The focal point of the Company's activities is introduction of cutting-edge technologies achieved through our close partnership with a number of leading Russian universities. Relying on thoroughly developed process solutions and adapting the experience of Western engineering schools to the environment of Russian companies, ELTECH carries out an entire range of works related to design and construction of laboratory and industrial centers equipped with clean room facilities and advanced engineering infrastructure, as well as process equipment supply to companies. 



The Company's business areas:

Implementation of new technological solutions (in collaboration with our partner universities):

- Process audit
- Near-term technology development forecasts
- Selecting, adapting and transferring of cutting-edge technologies in nano- and microelectronics
- Refining and upgrading of technological processes and manufacturing flows based on our partner

Design and construction (in collaboration with our Western engineering partners):

- A range of services related to development and management of production-building projects: from developing the design concept, cost estimation, working documents to project support in state authorities
- Construction works and installation of utilities
- Clean room facilities: from design and construction to certification and servicing
- Specialized engineering systems: supply and distribution systems for gases and chemicals; solutions for ensuring industrial and environmental safety; automation systems

Process equipment:

- Selection, delivery, installation, connection, commissioning and servicing
- Training and retraining of specialists to work with new equipment and technologies
- Technological processes at the premises of our partner universities' resource centers

Owner's engineer functions:

- Control of the entire company creation process: from preliminary design, engineering and construction to installation and commissioning



 The Company's extensive experience in the Russian market and a broad range of partners have allowed us to develop and implement our own model for establishing cutting-edge production centers. The Company's approach consists of creating high-tech companies and R&D centers on a turnkey basis. This means that we assume responsibility for the entire project rather than its individual parts. This approach enables us to guarantee the competitiveness of products to be produced by the newly created production site.

ELTECH encompasses the competence of several entities usually engaged in creating a high-tech company:

  • R&D center
  • Scientific and engineering center
  • Project management company 
  • Construction company
  • General contractor
  • Equipment supplier
  • Training center


Among our customers:
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